The Dream Team in Post Production

Mesh Entertainment in collaboration with Paperboyz studios and AKC Hub brings to you the dream team in Post Production Services for the entertainment industry. We offer complete end-to-end Production and Post Production Services across all channels of the entertainment industry. Our Presence is seen in almost every major blockbuster!

Mesh Entertainment with Paperboyz

Nitin FCP:

One of the Top Editors in the country today, Nitin is known in the industry by everyone! having worked on every major project, Nitin FCP brings in the experience and star power to take your project to the next level.

Nadeem Akhtar:

Nadeem Akhtar is a genius! A complete pioneer in the industry, Nadeem has edited every major big ticket movie out there.

Rohit Pradhan:

Rohit is one of the best and most talented Sound Artist in the industry today. Having more than 15 years of experience in the industry, Rohit is also the recipient of the prestigious Filmfare Award for Achievement in Sound Design for his work in the Film 'Rege'!

End-To-End Post Production Services


A movie is made at the edit table. You can’t afford to go wrong during this critical process. Editors arrange pictures and sound in a way to ensure that the movie takes shape in the way that the writer or director had envisioned it. Our Editors are Titan's in the field to take your project to the next level.

Color Grading and Di

Color Grading or DI (Digital Intermediate) is a process through which the colors of the film are enhanced to give it a rich and more aesthetically appropriate look. Our team is equipped with Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve which is considered to be the world’s most advanced and reliable color grading system. It supports files up to 4K quality and uses node based image processing where each node can have color correction, power windows and effects. Our experienced colorists have worked on leading projects in the industry.


We specialize in visual effects for feature films, OTT platforms, Music Videos and Advertisements. We have provided creative support, delivered solutions to marquee projects in the industry. Our Studios can offer end to end complete VFX solutions to any of your porjects. Our Services in VFX include: Motions Graphics, Crowd Multiplication, Set Extension, Supervision, Keying, Composting, Match Moving, Wire Removal and Rotoscoping.

Sound Design

A great quality of sound mixing ensures a great quality and one step ahead in Cinema. Our Sound Mixing Theater is amongst the few facilities to be equipped with Dolby's new and revolutionary end-to-end audio platform. Post-production works like Voice Dubbing, Music Recording and Foley Sound for SFX, creative 5.1, 7.1 Dolby Atmos sound mixing solutions are available at our studios of AKC Hub.


Corporate Films